LG to Release Octa-Core “Nuclun” SoC in the LG G3 Screen

LG to Release Octa-Core “Nuclun” SoC in the LG G3 Screen

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LG is set to follow the likes of Samsung and other manufacture its own System-on-Chip. The chip will be called “Nuclun,” and it will be used for the first time in the upcoming “LG G3 Screen,” which is debuting this week in Korea. The LG G3 Screen will be unavailable in other countries.

So far, the list of active SoC manufacturers isn’t too long. We most commonly see Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos, Nvidia Tegra, HiSillicon, and Mediatek parts, as well as older devices based on TI OMAP past designs. LG is looking to become a big player here, so this is definitely interesting.

The new LG Nuclun processor will feature eight cores meant to run on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, which means that four cores will be a bit slower (A7) and other four will be top-notch (A15). Such an approach should result in decent battery life in non-intensive tasks, as well as great performance. We’ll see if this lines up with reality, as LG is set to show off its new toy, the LG G3 Screen, alongside the Nuclun CPU this week.

LG’s chief executive Jong-seok Park said that this strategy should give his company better vertical integration and further diversify its product strategy against stronger competition. One thing is certain, LG will make more money using in-house solutions that staying with third parties such as Qualcomm.

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