LG Officially Announces the V20; Coming in September with Android 7.0 Nougat

LG Officially Announces the V20; Coming in September with Android 7.0 Nougat

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We’ve talked about how important the successor to the LG V10 is to LG. The LG V20, as it stood, had reports coming in that the device would be preponed in its release. With the new iPhone coming in this year that will not be an incremental “S” upgrade over the previous generation, it makes sense that OEMs are avoiding a conflicting date.

Samsung is holding its Note event early, with the launch of the Note 7 being just hours away. So the early reports of LG prepping their V20 event were not surprising, really.

But it seems that LG does not wish to be forgotten so easily amidst the launch of new devices from competitors. So they did what they could to steal the show: they have made the LG V20 official, a nice way to steal just a bit of Samsung’s thunder ahead of their unveiling.

In an announcement in their Korean newsroom, LG has posted a few details of the upcoming device before leakers get a chance to spread the information. The LG “V20” is now official, with that specific name instead of V11. The LG V20 will also launch with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. And the LG V20 will be launched in September of 2016, a month earlier than last year’s LG V10 launch in October.

LG’s announcement post does not go into deep details regarding the inside of the device, or even to the outside of the device for that matter. For an official announcement, it is pretty bare. After announcing the name, release month and OS of the V20, the announcement then went on to state a few of the V10’s stand-out features, including the dual-camera setup, the second “ticker” screen above the primary front display and the presence of a 32-bit DAC on the device. There’s a good chance that these make a return in some capacity on the V20 as well, with a good focus being towards the multimedia experience as it was with the V10. But LG hasn’t officially said so (or maybe it was lost in translation), so we will refrain from painting a confident picture on these aspects.

With the Android 7.0 Nougat update reportedly coming in a few days (but the Note 7 launches before the update goes public), the LG V20 is likely to be the first device outside of Nexus to sport the new update out of the box. The release dates of the new Nexus are still up in the air along with the chance that they may not be made official alongside the new OS update, but it’s nice to know OEMs are starting to ship phones packing the latest software so soon. We just hope LG nails the execution of the V20.

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