LG may launch a phone with a second screen as an attachment

LG may launch a phone with a second screen as an attachment

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LG hasn’t been a popular name in the Android enthusiast world for years. Slow updates, boot looping, display issues, the list goes on and on for the South Korean electronics maker. That hasn’t stopped them from trying to innovate though, as according to CNET the company intends to launch a phone with a second screen as an attachment. A person close to the matter said that the attachment would act as a case, effectively doubling the size of the screen in the process.

According to the person close to the matter, this particular smartphone will launch at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. It has not been confirmed what name it will have, as the company is unsure as to whether they will make it part of their flagship lineup of smartphones and call it the LG G8. This is not a foldable smartphone, but it is a smartphone with two displays. There was confusion about that thanks to previous reports, though it’s unclear how exactly it will work if it isn’t foldable. It’s an interesting concept, and LG is no stranger to multiple display smartphones. The LG V10 introduced a second screen on the front, which you could use to show notifications, apps, contacts and more. They continued the idea with the LG V20 but abandoned it with the LG V30.

LG’s new dual-screen smartphone isn’t far away, regardless. MWC 2019 is taking place at the end of February, meaning that we should see more about it soon. It’s unknown how much it will retail for or even how viable the second screen will be. There will be loads of other smartphones unveiled at MWC 2019 as well, so we’ll see whether LG manages to seize the limelight away from other popular manufacturers at the event. Companies are putting together foldable smartphones, with Samsung set to unveil one soon. This device isn’t foldable, but the second screen attachment is pretty close.

Source: CNET