Report: LG Plans to Make LG G6 Available Earlier to Avoid Competition

Report: LG Plans to Make LG G6 Available Earlier to Avoid Competition

LG failed to excite consumers with the LG G5 despite the massive push made towards (pseudo-)modularity. Furthermore, the LG V20 failed to shoulder the responsibility of carrying LG this fiscal year. Despite the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LG has thus far not been able to effectively capitalize on Samsung’s misfortunes.

With the new year approaching, however, LG is looking to shake things up. LG has surely abandoned the idea of “modularity” since the company’s experiment with the LG G5, so we’re watching with great interest to see what approach LG will take with the G6. Smartphone innovation has been largely stagnant this year, but next year could bring a few surprises.

Though a new report from the South Korean technology blogs suggests that LG may surprise us with more than the new phone itself. ETNews is reporting that LG is planning to move up the availability of the LG G6 by as much as a month compared to the release of the earlier this year.

To recap, the LG G5 was released right before Mobile World Congress 2016 on February 21st. However, consumers looking forward to getting their hands on the device had to wait until April to make any purchases. An LG spokesperson mentioned in the report that the G5 was originally meant to be unveiled in April, but the event had to be moved earlier near MWC. The early excitement over the modular novelty wore off as the days passed between the device reveal and actual availability, and reviewers started getting their hands on competing smartphones. The shortcomings of LG’s pseudo-modularity and practical approach of some of its competitors made it very difficult for the G5 to gain any ground.

But with the LG G6, LG is hoping to avoid their availability mistakes with the G5. The G6 will be made available for purchase a month earlier than usual. This should put the availability of the device closer towards the end of February or possibly early March, thus sales of the device should be included in the first quarter of 2017. LG has moved forward the mass production schedule of the device by a month as it seeks to start manufacturing in February. LG has informed component manufacturers that it will require components in January, which will then enable it to mass produce the device in February and make it available in early March. Upcoming features on the G6 as mentioned in the report include mobile payment services, wireless charging, and waterproofing.

The reason behind LG’s decision is to reportedly increase the sales volume of the G6. As the company’s flagship product of the first half of 2017, the device must stand against the plethora of flagship offerings from competing OEMs. With reports stating that Samsung could postpone the launch of the Galaxy S8 by a month, the LG G6 might actually have a chance (and two months) to dominate in the absence of one of its strongest competitors. The discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 paves a clear road ahead for the South Korean company.

Here’s hoping that the LG G6 packs enough heat to excite users, while not replicating the Note 7’s explosiveness.

Source: ETNews

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