LG Promises LG G6 Battery is Safe from Overheating

LG Promises LG G6 Battery is Safe from Overheating

Consumer safety is a serious issue – and for very good reason. We lug around a mixture of chemical elements in our pockets everyday without a second thought to its flammability. That is because we assume that due diligence and strict testing procedures have been carried out to guarantee a high level of safety. But sometimes incidents can occur which shake up our trust in these products.

Samsung’s experience with the Note 7, as unfortunate as it may be, did trigger a renewed focus on safety and testing procedures. There is no doubt that Samsung will be adopting stricter testing and accept lower error margins for the upcoming Galaxy S8, but this reaction is spreading across the rest of the mobile industry too.

LG has promised that it is doing its part to make sure the LG G6 does not suffer from unsafe defects. LG will be adopting new technology and will be conducting tougher tests to improve on the safety of the upcoming flagship that is set to be unveiled in Mobile World Congress in February 2017.

The LG G6’s internal design will keep parts that tend to heat up as far apart as possible, avoiding situations where heat is concentrated in just one area. Furthermore, the device will also be incorporating heat pipes made of copper to conduct heat away from such areas.

LG is also conducting battery heat exposure tests to a temperature 15% higher than the temperature set by international standards of U.S. and Europe. The G6 is undergoing a new, more complex accelerated-life test as well. This will help analyze how the product and its components age when mishandled which is important to know in the context of smartphone batteries.

Overall, LG is trying its best to give assure potential customers that they have made safety their utmost priority. While you’re at it, LG, can you also take a look at those bootloops?

Source: The Korea Herald

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