LG Q6 Android Oreo update adds DTS:X 3D stereo sound & new camera LED features

LG Q6 Android Oreo update adds DTS:X 3D stereo sound & new camera LED features

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The LG Q6 is a low-end Android smartphone released last year powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435. Being a low-end phone, the expectation is that it won’t receive many (if any) software updates. It launched with Android 7.1 Nougat last year and hasn’t received a major update since. That’s set to change, though, as according to a report from Korean publication kbench, it’s being updated to Android Oreo (Android 8.1). That update has a few added extras, including DTS:X 3D stereo sound and a number of new camera LED features.

First and foremost, this update includes all of the usual goodies we’ve come to expect from Android Oreo. That includes battery gains, performance gains, Autofill API, new features like Picture in Picture mode, and a whole lot more. On top of that, though, you’ll also get DTS:X 3D stereo sound support on your LG Q6. DTS:X is also available on the LG G7 ThinQ and it allows you to play a specific type of audio file which has individual sounds tagged with location data. It’s an object-based audio standard, and depending on the device that’s being played on, DTS:X then mixes it down for the audio receiver. You do not need specially supported headphones, and it’s entirely backward compatible with previous DTS formats.

DTS:X on the LG G7 ThinQ

As for the camera LED, a number of interesting features are coming too. You can enable it to pulse with the tempo of the song that’s currently playing or have it flash while you’re receiving a phone call. The first feature is certainly a gimmick, but the second has a number of uses especially for people who may be deaf or hard of hearing. It’s great to see LG owners reaping the rewards of the software update center the company opened a few months back. With older devices like the LG G6, LG G5, and the LG V20 getting updates, we can see that the company is finally willing to take software updates seriously. LG Q6 owners can expect to see the update rolling out soon in South Korea, with a global release expected soon after.

Source: kbench Via: LG Q6 XDA Forums