LG Releases App Update For LG G4 Touchscreen Issues

LG Releases App Update For LG G4 Touchscreen Issues

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The LG G4 is a great phone. Rocking the Snapdragon 808 with 3GB of RAM on a 5.5″ QHD display along with a praise-worthy camera, the phone has put itself right on top of the competition thanks to the removable battery and micro SD card support, which other flagships have skipped on.

However, the device does indeed have flaws, something which more and more users are complaining about as the device becomes popular in the consumer market. These are not directly related to the specs of the device, but more with how the end-user experience shapes up with the software. One such issue is that a lot of users have complained about how the LG G4 lags, particularly when trying to multitask by switching between large apps. The problem has plagued a large number of users, and is rather disappointing for a phone that wishes to call itself a flagship. Another issue that forum users have complained about is the rather occasional missed taps. Here’s a video that highlights the missed taps issue:

When LG USA’s Head of Marketing Buzz Jensen was posed this question on twitter via redditor DDDYKI, he responded by saying that LG had released an OTA aimed at fixing these touchscreen issues. The instructions pointed to going through Setting>General>About Phone>Update Center>App update.

As it turns out, the update was not an OTA, but an update to the LG Keyboard via LG Apps. And as subsequently expected, the update does no good to users who experience these missed taps outside of the LG Keyboard app.

If you are amongst those who experience the touchscreen issues on your G4, our forum users have advised toggling the “Force GPU Rendering” option which is present under Developer Settings. And if you are amongst those who face moments of extreme lag on your G4, forum users point that disabling dual window has helped out a lot of users. Some also advise that clearing all apps via the recent switcher can also help, along with using something like Greenify to hibernate apps. However, we personally feel that such solutions are not something that users have to do on a phone that is vying for the title of “Best Flagship of 2015”. We hope that LG listens to these complaints and issues a prompt fix that indeed works.

Do you own a LG G4, and have faced either the touchsreen issue or the lag issue? Have you tried to fix these issues on your own? Or are you reliant on LG issuing a fix? Is it acceptable for a 2015 flagship to face such issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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