LG Reportedly Wants to Leverage AI for its Products in 2017

LG Reportedly Wants to Leverage AI for its Products in 2017

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LG’s smartphone division is currently being propped up by profits the company is making selling other products like TVs and home appliances. LG made a major gamble on its modular concept with the LG G5 but then recently confirmed they would be ditching this design with the upcoming LG G6. A lot is riding on their upcoming flagship smartphone being a success and a new rumor claims it will be the first smartphone in South Korea to use the Google Assistant AI platform.

Many are not pleased with Google keeping their new personal assistant tied to the Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Although we can use Assistant via Google’s Allo instant messenger, it doesn’t allow us to take advantage of the deep integrations that the service offers. It also doesn’t help that many certain commands can be executed on the Pixel’s version of Google Assistant that cannot be performed on the Allo version. Still, if this new rumor turns out to be accurate, the LG G6 will be the first non-Google smartphone to officially support Google Assistant.

Google’s personal assistant isn’t the only AI platform that LG is betting on in 2017, though. LG also has a partnership with Amazon and they are using Alexa in a number of their home appliance products already. We’ve watched the smartphone become the hub of other IoT products and this trend will likely continue this year. Only time will tell which way LG will be swayed towards. The company could go all in on Amazon’s Alexa platform, or they could transition to using Google Assistant in their products.

Source: Business Korea