LG Says an LG V20 Bootloop was Caused by a Cheap USB Type-C Cable

LG Says an LG V20 Bootloop was Caused by a Cheap USB Type-C Cable

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Over the last few years, LG has had a serious issue with their smartphones going into a bootloop at seemingly random times. This didn’t seem to be a huge issue with the Nexus 4, LG G2, or the Nexus 5, which are all manufactured by LG.

However, since the LG G3, there seems to be some underlying issue that is causing a bootloop on their smartphones. We’ve seen many reports about the LG G3, LG G4, LG G5 and the LG V10 all having some sort of bootloop issue.

It seemed like the reports of bootlooping devices increased with the release of the LG G4 and it was around this time when LG released an official statement about it. LG was quoted as saying that the LG G4 bootloop issue was caused by “a loose contact between components.” Many have agreed with LG as they noticed the issue can be caused (as well as fixed in some cases) by heating up the device for an extended period of time.

We’ve also seen a number of issues surface around the new USB Type-C standard. Some OEMs have implemented USB Type-C into their phone in a way that has caused an issue with spec compliant USB Type-C cables. This has become such an issue that a new authentication spec was announced for new and upcoming USB Type-C cables. This was created so the customer knows whether or not a cable has been manufactured properly.

While we haven’t seen many reports of the LG V20 bootlooping, there have been a few. An LG Service Center was able to take a look at one of these last week and they believe they know what caused the issue. The LG representative says the bootloop was caused by a cheap USB Type-C charging cable. However, a well known USB Type-C tester, Nathan K, says it is unlikely an issue caused by a USB Type-C cable “unless exceptional situations arose.”

Source: iT Chosun (Korean)