LG Smart World to Receive 300 Applications Optimized for the LG G6’s Aspect Ratio

LG Smart World to Receive 300 Applications Optimized for the LG G6’s Aspect Ratio

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Both the LG G6 as well as the Galaxy S8 have a unique aspect ratio that we are not used to seeing on Android smartphones or tablets. Android software is designed so that it can run on a various number of device sizes, but changing up the aspect ratio tends to throw a wrench into how certain applications are displayed. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed, as Google showed in a recent blog post, but it does sometimes require application developers to take steps to support those devices.

LG has their own application store that is pre-installed on their own devices called LG Smart World. This is generally filled with themes and personalization applications, but there are others included in here as well. Just like traditional Android applications needing to be updated to take advantage of the new screen ratio, LG’s Smart World applications need to be updated as well. As it is right now, most (if not all) of the applications simply are not optimized for the 18:9 aspect ratio of the LG G6.

This is changing soon though, as LG has announced they will have 300 applications that are optimized for the display of the LG G6. LG says they plan to have these optimized applications available to the public by next month, but didn’t give a firm date on when exactly that would be. However, this is an interesting number because LG Smart World currently only has about 200 applications on its own. So this means LG has plans to expand their own application store with this move.

In the announcement, LG didn’t say what the newly optimized applications will be. So it’s something that we will have to wait and see to find out what additional applications come with this update.

Is the LG Smart World application store something that you use often on your LG devices?

Source: The Investor