LG is Being Sued Over LG G4 and LG V10 Bootloop Issues

LG is Being Sued Over LG G4 and LG V10 Bootloop Issues

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It wasn’t that long ago when a class-action lawsuit was filed against Motorola because they weren’t honoring their warranties. Earlier this week, it was announced that a new class-action lawsuit was filed against LG over the infamous bootloop issues they’ve been having. We’ve talked about this issue here on XDA a few times in the past since it’s become a popular topic of discussion each time a new LG device is released. Even LG themselves acknowledged the issue, confirming it was a hardware defect.

The company promised to fix all devices that were impacted by this bootlooping problem, and this is where the lawsuit actually picks up. The lawsuit claims that even after LG acknowledged the issue, they still continued to manufacture smartphones with the defect. LG did not follow through with a recall to fix and repair devices that could be susceptible to bootloops, and the lawsuit claims that LG failed to replace devices under warranty with versions that did not have the bootloop issue.

One of the plaintiffs said they sent their LG G4 in to get repaired by the company and had one sent back to them. The one they received back from LG still had the bootloop issue too, which defeated the purpose of even sending it to them in the first place. Then they sent that one back as requested from LG, so they could send them one that worked. However, the plaintiff says that even the 3rd LG G4 had issues as the software constantly froze while they were trying to use it.

The lawsuit also lumps in LG V10 customers who had the issue as well, and claims the processors were not soldered to the motherboard properly. So when the device heats up, the contacts became loose and this resulted in the bootloop issue that so many people experienced. The lawsuit claims unjust enrichment, unfair trade, and various breaches of warranty laws, and wishes for LG to pay for consumer damages, legal fees, and would like a federal judge to order a  “comprehensive program to repair all LG phones containing the bootloop defect.”

Source: Ars Technica