[Update 2: LG V50S ThinQ] LG teases a follow up to the V50 and its dual screen attachment

[Update 2: LG V50S ThinQ] LG teases a follow up to the V50 and its dual screen attachment

Update 2 (8/30/19 @ 10:14 AM ET): The logo for the upcoming V50 follow up has been leaked, revealing the “LG V50S ThinQ” name.

Update 1 (8/27/19 @ 9:35 AM ET): LG made a browser based on Chrome to take advantage of the upcoming Dual Screen-compatible smartphone.

A little short of 6 months ago we watched as LG officially announced the LG V50 ThinQ smartphone. It is the company’s first 5G smartphone and a leaked render revealed a partnership between LG and Sprint for the launch of the device. Overall, it was looked at as a revamped version of the LG V40 ThinQ with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset and a 4,000mAh capacity battery. This week the company published a teaser for its successor which indicates that the follow up to the LG V50 will be revealed at IFA 2019 next month.


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Before LG announced the LG V50, rumors started popping up about a device with a second screen as an attachment. It turns out this rumored device actually ended up being the LG V50 and we were able to get our hands on the accessory when the phone was announced. Unlike the modular design LG promised long ago, it looks as if they were happy with how this secondary screen was received by customers.

LG V50 with Dual Screen

As you can see from the video, LG has uploaded a teaser video to its YouTube channel. The video mentions IFA 2019 (which is taking place between September 6th and the 11th) and starts off by showing a mobile game being played. The video then pans back and hints at what is obviously a similar second screen accessory for the smartphone. We’re then told to save the date as LG Mobile’s press event will take place on September 6th at 10 AM.

For those who will be at the event, LG asks that people come by Hall 18 at Messe Berlin for some “more surprises.” What do you think of LG’s approach to a “foldable” phone? Is the dual screen a good idea?

Update 1: New Browser

LG has already teased a new smartphone that will be compatible with its Dual Screen accessory. Now, the company has announced a browser that has been optimized for use with the Dual Screen. LG developed the browser, called Whale, with Naver, South Korea’s largest search engine provider. Whale is based on Chrome and it features “omnitasking,” which puts multiple tasks on one screen. With Split-screen mode, Dual Screen users can put websites on each display and move between them easily. LG will show off the optimized version of Whale at their IFA event.

Source: LG

Update 2: LG V50S ThinQ

We’ve known about a follow up to the LG V50 with a Dual Screen attachment for a while, but the actual name of the device has been a bit of a mystery. Some speculated that it would be the “LG V60,” but the “LG V50S ThinQ” has also popped up a few times. Some reports have claimed the LG G8X will be called the LG V50S ThinQ in certain regions. Now, @evleaks has shared the logo for the LG V50S ThinQ. It seems there will definitely be a device with this name, though the connection to the LG G8X is still up in the air.

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