[Update: Available in US] LG launches truly wireless earbuds with Google Assistant and fast charging

[Update: Available in US] LG launches truly wireless earbuds with Google Assistant and fast charging

Update (1/13/20 @ 12:35 PM ET): LG’s TONE Free earbuds with Google Assistant are now available in the US.

Companies are removing the 3.5mm headphone port from smartphones left and right these days. It’s hard to find a flagship that has one and there’s a reason to believe this will happen to the low-end and mid-range devices in the future too. This has increased the sales of Bluetooth headphones and earbuds with the latter even getting a new product category with truly wireless earbuds. We’ve seen other OEMs launch devices that are similar and LG has just announced the LG Tone+ Free wireless earbuds with advanced tuning technology (thanks to Meridan Audio), fast charging integration, and Google Assistant built-in.

Now, these Tone+ Free earbuds come in black and white color options but we can’t confirm if the company will release them outside of South Korea. I can’t see why they wouldn’t, but as of right now the company has only made the announcement in its home country. The company worked closely with audio manufacturer Meridan Audio to develop an equalizer that creates what LG describes as “rich bass, clear mids and highs, and three-dimensional sound.” LG says the audio engineers were able to do this while reducing digital noise and minimizing distortion.

LG Tone+ Free

One of the stand-out features here is the fast charging that LG has included in the Tone+ Free wireless earbuds. The company claims this accessory is able to deliver 1 hour of music listening from just 5 minutes of charge time. Anyone who listens to music for extended periods of time may (or may not) be happy to learn that you’ll get 6 hours of usage from the fully charged LG Tone+ Free wireless earbuds. They also come equipped with two different microphones, with one being used to capture your voice and the other being used to cancel out background noises.

You can use that voice microphone to place calls as well as issue commands using the built-in Google Assistant. LG plans to launch this in South Korea on October 28th with pre-orders starting today.

Source: LG Newsroom

Update: Available in US

Launched back in October in South Korea, LG’s wireless TONE Free earbuds are now available in the US. It appears that LG removed the “+” from the name for the US model, but these are the same earbuds that come with fast charging, the UVnano case that reduces bacteria on the ear tips, Meridian high-def audio, and both voice and noise-reducing microphones. You can buy the LG Tone Free right now for $199.

Source: LG

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