Enable Custom Volume Slider Step Counts on the LG V20 with this Mod

Enable Custom Volume Slider Step Counts on the LG V20 with this Mod

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The number of volume steps a device has can impact how enjoyable the listening experience is. The OnePlus 5 has 30 media volume steps and the newly launched Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have 25 media volume steps. The LG V30 has a crazy 75 volume steps for its HiFi volume, which is a significant step up from the LG V20‘s 15 volume steps for the HiFi volume.

Frustrated by this, XDA Forum Moderator Zacharee1 set out to modify how many volume steps his LG V20 had so he could achieve more fine grained volume control on his device. Since the regular build.prop method we outlined doesn’t work on his V20, he decided to dig in and creat a mod that not only increases the number of steps for all volume sliders but is also completely customizable.

Using this mod requires that you have root access because you are overwriting a file called services.jar located in /system/framework. Once you’ve done that, you can then customize the volume step size using a simple ADB command to control a property value that was added with this mod:

adb shell settings put global volume_step_size #

Where # is the volume slider step size. Zacharee says the default step size is 5, but for some odd reason this number is doubled by the system.

While you’re at it, you might want to grab Zacharee1’s RCTD Remover tool to stop LG’s root checking tool and improve performance. This only affects you if your device is rooted, which it should be if you’re planning on using this mod anyways.

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