LG V20 Users Report Rear Camera Protective Glass is Brittle

LG V20 Users Report Rear Camera Protective Glass is Brittle

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Over the years, LG has not built up the best reputation when it comes to manufacturer defects of their products. When the LG G3 was released, many people were having the plastic frame around their phone cracking in multiple locations. This likely happened from prying the plastic cover off the back to swap out a battery, but it could happen to others from a small drop even if it was in a protective case.

It took LG a while to publicly confirm this was a manufacturing defect, but after that people were still having trouble getting the company’s customer support to admit it so they could get a replacement. Then there was the bootloop issue that happened to so many LG G4 customers since the device was launched. This time, LG still chooses to refuse replacements if there were any visible scuffs on the phone even though the issue was software-related and well-known.

We haven’t seen any massive amount of reports about a bootloop issue with the LG V20, but we are starting to see another manufacturing defect. On the 19th of this month, someone in the /r/LGV20 subreddit talked about how the protective glass on their rear camera cracked for seemingly no reason, and it was only 5 hours after they had taken it out of the box. The next day we saw the same thing happen after some test scratches were done to the glass on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel.

Yesterday there was another person from the /r/LGV20 subreddit say the same thing happened to theirs after they used the rear LED flashlight for 30 minutes. So far, we haven’t seen any reports from this in the LG V20 forums here on XDA, but it has sparked a discussion about the issue. So if you have an LG V20, be careful about the rear camera protective glass, and be sure to let us know if this happens to you.

Source: /r/LGV20