LG V30 is now getting the Android 9 Pie update

LG V30 is now getting the Android 9 Pie update

Despite LG pushed the fact that they had launched a software update center early last year, with many getting excited to finally receive quick updates for their LG devices. That didn’t happen though, as devices have still consistently been slow to get updates to Android Pie. LG’s mobile division has been losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The only reason why LG is able to continue manufacturing smartphones is thanks to the profits from its display (TV) and appliance divisions. Still, the two-year-old LG V30 is finally getting an update to Android 9 Pie according to users on both Reddit and our own forums, not too long before Android Q is scheduled to release.


LG V30 Android 9 Pie

We actually saw an early version of Android 9 Pie leak for the LG V30 in the US just a few weeks ago, so a full release was never going to be too far off. The update has a build number of PKQ1.190414.001 and includes the July 1st, 2019 security patch, which you can read more about here. The update is slowly rolling out for some, although it’s possible to install it manually using LG Bridge if you don’t want to wait. A user on Reddit also mentions that the update adds a new notification light ring for the always on display, new notification animations, and more.

The release of this update barely scrapes past the window that LG gave themselves to launch Android 9 Pie for the LG V30, from an update schedule that they released in April. Nevertheless, this will likely be the last major update that the LG V30 receives, as it first launched with Android Nougat. That means that it has had two major updates, which is normally what companies stick to as an update policy for their smartphones. Users who want to get more out of their phone can look to the XDA forums for custom ROMs, kernels, and more.

LG V30 XDA Forums

Source: /r/lgv30 // Source 2: LG V30 XDA Forums

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