LG V30 Android Oreo Preview Released in South Korea

LG V30 Android Oreo Preview Released in South Korea

LG has had a mixed record when it comes to software updates. Over the past few years, the South Korean conglomerate has shown flashes of brilliance (such as the early roll-out for the Lollipop update for the G3) but also bewildering moments of hesitation (for example, the LG G6 was launched with Android 7.0 Nougat even though 7.1 had been released before, and it never got the 7.1 update). The LG V30 is the latest flagship device from the company, and in this regard, LG seems to be speeding up their roll-out of software updates.

From today, LG V30 owners in South Korea will be able to get a hold of the upcoming Android Oreo update by registering via the Quick Help application. LG is launching a preview program for the V30’s Oreo update, which is essentially a public beta ahead of the official upgrade which is slated for next month.

LG V30 owners in the US and other international markets should not be too dismayed regarding these news as it is safe to presume that the Oreo update is indeed being worked upon, and will probably be released in the near future.

The electronics giant did something similar last year by offering 2,000 LG G5 users an early taste of the latest Android version at the time (Nougat). The only difference being, this time there is no restriction in the number of users who can try out the Oreo Beta update.

The company made an announcement on its official Korean news blog that any owner of the LG V30 device can participate in the beta program irrespective of the carrier. Users can apply the update by either manually running LG’s proprietary ‘Quick Help’ app and tapping on the ‘LG OS Preview’ banner or by installing it through the “Software Update” notification message which would upgrade the operating system over-the-air.

LG stated it intends to consider the user feedback with this beta release for fine tuning the software and providing precise and optimized services in the future. Currently, the Sony Xperia XZ1 is the only smartphone running on Android Oreo released in South Korea.

The company added that devices running on Android Oreo boast improved battery life as it minimizes power consumption when applications are not used.

This is good news for those who have just bought LG’s latest flagship phone (which launched only a month ago) and are ready to experience the speed and efficiency of Android Oreo. Plus, it is also great to see LG caring about its customer base. After OnePlus, HMD Global and Samsung, LG now joins the growing repertoire of OEMs that offer their users an opportunity to test the latest version of Android beforehand.

Source: LG (in Korean) Via: ZDNet

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