Joseph Gordon-Levitt Invites Creatives to Join LG V30 Campaign, Device Shown in Clips

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Invites Creatives to Join LG V30 Campaign, Device Shown in Clips

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt enjoys creating video content and back in 2005 he took this passion to another level with the website. It started off as a simple project and then evolved into what is now known as a professional and open collaborative production company. The goal here is to allow members to create and develop art and media collaboratively instead of having to do everything on their own. He was hired by LG for the launch of the LG V10 and the LG 20, and is now starting work on a new campaign for the upcoming LG V30.

This partnership started with the launch of the LG V10 with a campaign called The In-Between Moments. LG was happy with the work the production team was able to put together thanks to the members of the hitRECord community. So they partnered again when they launched the LG V20 and had a campaign called Everyday Spectacular. LG is continuing this partnership with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the hitRECord community for the launch of the LG V30.

While we’re still a few weeks away from the official launch, LG is doing work to prepare the marketing material early. This campaign project is titled Find the Frame and the goal here is to focus on the creative process of making adjustments in order to find that perfect frame. This can be hand signals, vocal directions, anything and everything that you do to line up that perfect spot. As with the previous campaigns, they are reaching out to the community for help. Among various clips spread throughout the website, we are also able to catch glimpses of the upcoming LG V30.

Currently, the project needs people to record video and say something that has been provided in the script. Submit your video and you could be chosen to have your work in the final commercial. Just like they did with the last two campaigns, hitRECord will be sending new LG devices (the LG V30) to community members who contribute really great footage.

Source: hitRECord