LG Reportedly Offering OLED Panel in LG V30, Coming Q3 2017

LG Reportedly Offering OLED Panel in LG V30, Coming Q3 2017

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The LG G6 was met with positive reviews and it was ultimately a moderately successful release for LG when compared to last year’s LG G5. However, said device has been overshadowed by the recent streak of Snapdragon 835 devices beginning with its biggest competitor, the Galaxy S8.

LG managed to offer an excellent display for the LG G6, with good color reproduction, brightness, a 2:1 aspect ratio and rounded corners. It followed the tradition of high-quality LCD panels we’ve come to expect from LG flagships, though a report from South Korea suggests we might see a change of direction for the company’s display choices. According to The Investor, the upcoming LG V30 is likely to come with an OLED screen instead of an LCD panel, and the G7 is reportedly following suit as well early next year. A source briefed on the matter told The Investor that “most OLED screens produced at LG Display’s Gumi E5 plant in the second half will be used for its sister firm LG Electronics’ smartphones starting with the V30” adding that the OLED panel’s production will begin in July, with some of the production being supplied to Chinese phone makers as well.

LG’s move to OLED is sudden, but not necessarily unexpected, and we’ve even heard Google was interested in investing in LG’s OLED technology. LG Electronics has seen wide use of OLED technology outside of smartphones, and this wouldn’t be their first OLED display on a flagship phone either — for example, the company experimented with OLED with their LG G Flex. They also introduced P-OLED on their smartwatches, and with the increasing adoption of OLED (which they are well aware of), it makes sense to finally commit to the growing standard as demand from Chinese manufacturers keeps ramping up. Samsung uses OLED for close to 70% of its smartphones, securing panels from Samsung Display which dominates 95% of the mobile OLED market; LG Display, on the other hand, is a late comer — but amid tight panel supply, LG is increasing its efforts to improve yield rates in order to attract more clients.

As the market has shifted towards OLED, some of LG’s displays have stood out as high-quality LCD alternatives, though its disadvantages have become clearer due to a combination of light bleed in devices like the LG G5 and LG V20, and the proliferation of theming and dark user interfaces, as well as ambient and secondary display features. Many users have been asking for OLED displays on LG smartphones, and with the V30 slated to arrive with a big, rich screen and a Snapdragon 835, LG might just have a very solid product under wraps.

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Source: The Investor