LG V30 Plus Reportedly Launching Alongside the LG V30

LG V30 Plus Reportedly Launching Alongside the LG V30

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We’ve heard a lot about the LG V30 over the last few months with one of its biggest changes being that it will do away with the secondary display. The company has been teasing and confirming some of its specs lately though, starting with the 6″ FullVision OLED panel and just recently confirming the camera and haptic feedback improvements. One thing we haven’t heard of is a secondary model, the LG V30 Plus, but a new report has revealed some details about it.

The LG V30 is said to be replacing its secondary display for what is being called a “floating bar.” Details about how this floating bar will actually work hasn’t been revealed, but it is easy to speculate on its functionality seeing as though it’s replacing the secondary display. We also know that LG is partnering with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s professional and open collaborative production company, hitRECord, just like they did with the launch of the LG V10 and the LG V20.

Today, a new report out of South Korea confirms LG will be selling a secondary model of the LG V30, likely to be dubbed the LG V30 Plus. We saw something similar earlier this year with the launch of the LG G6+ in South Korea with its increased amount of RAM, internal storage, and other hardware changes. This time around though, the report says that LG will be releasing both the LG V30 and the LG V30 Plus at the same time (on September 15th in South Korea).

The report goes on to say that LG V30 Plus will have 128GB of internal storage, and then cites rumors about there being differences between the two in various features (such as audio system and wireless charging). We saw this with the LG G6 earlier this year too where some regions received an improved audio DAC while others had the wireless charging feature, so the “Plus” moniker arguably doesn’t signify too big a difference anyway. The report talks about this being a “strategic move to maximize sales by diversifying functions and prices,” but it tends to only create animosity among those who can’t buy the version they want because LG won’t release it in their country.

Source: etnews