LG V30 Press Render Gives Us Our Closest Look Yet

LG V30 Press Render Gives Us Our Closest Look Yet

We’ve been hearing about the LG V30 for quite a while now with our own sources telling us LG will indeed be ditching the phone’s iconic secondary display. It was later rumored that LG would still keep this functionality, but in what was being called a “Floating Bar.” This was even confirmed by LG themselves in a feature article highlighting the device’s software. This is just the tip of the iceberg about what we know about the LG V30 so far too.

The South Korean electronics maker is known for releasing a second variant of their flagship smartphones sometime after the launch of the original. This happened with the LG G6 this year and it looks as if it will be happening with the LG V30 as well. However, recent reports indicate that LG will be launching the LG V30+ at the same time they launch the LG V30. However, they’ll likely be following their tradition of only releasing this second variant in select markets.

Even LG has gotten in on revealing details about their upcoming flagship smartphone early. They published another article highlighting the camera used on the LG V30 and claiming it will be the clearest lens ever to be featured in a smartphone. A press release even showed they’re using Immersion’s TouchSense technology for high-definition haptics on the device as well. We even got our first real life photos of the LG V30 from a marketing campaign earlier this month.

The leaks continued yesterday as Evan Blass uploaded a press render of the LG V30 that lets us see the device from all sides. It looks like they’re taking a number of design cues from the LG G6 such as the slim top and bottom bezel, the glass back, and the metal frame. The frame, at least in this render, looks much more polished that what we’re used to with the LG G6 though. Volume buttons will be on the left and the power button will be embedded in the rear fingerprint sensor.

Source: @evleaks

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