LG V30 to Come to All Major Wireless Carriers in the U.S. Within 2 Weeks

LG V30 to Come to All Major Wireless Carriers in the U.S. Within 2 Weeks

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After much teasing, LG officially unveiled the LG V30 to the world on August 31st at IFA 2017. We were able to finally see official images of the device, learned about its hardware specs and this led to many deciding they wanted it as their next smartphone. South Korean customers knew that day that the device would be made available to them on September 21st, but the company was quiet about the LG V30 release date for the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and various other territories.

A couple of weeks later we heard that LG had planned to undercut Samsung and Apple’s new flagships when it came to pricing. The company was hoping that the LG V30 would offer as much or better than the competition and that the reduced price would help win over a number of customers. This seems like a great idea as both company were to release their most expensive smartphone ever and it looked as if LG was actively working to compete against them.

We were just a few days away from one full month after the LG V30’s official launch date and we had yet to learn anything about pricing or a launch date for the device in the United States. Since then, Samsung and Apple have both announced and released their new smartphones and it’s left people wondering what LG has been doing this whole time. We can understand if they simply weren’t able to manufacture enough to launch in additional countries, but they could have at least communicated the situation with the public.

Finally, LG has confirmed when the United States will receive the LG V30. We’re told that it will be available from all 5 major wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular) within the next two weeks. Pricing will be determined by the individual carrier, and each of them will have their own promotions to go along with it. But LG themselves will be offering a free Google Daydream headset if you buy the device within a certain timeframe (details have yet to be revealed).

To alleviate the worry about the company’s recent bootloop issue, they have even launched a new website, LGV30Promise.com, as a way for customers to register their device for a free second year of limited warranty .

Source: PR Newswire