LG is Rumored to Replace the LG V30 Secondary Display with a “Floating Bar”

LG is Rumored to Replace the LG V30 Secondary Display with a “Floating Bar”

LG’s V series was a way for the South Korean electronics maker to compete with other OEMs who release their high-end smartphones in the second half of the year. It makes sense for an OEM to do this too as right before the holiday season is the perfect time to have a new product on the market. LG felt that making the V series bigger than its traditional G series flagship was a good idea, but they also used a secondary display to make it stand out as well.

This secondary display of the LG V10 and the LG V20 was something that seemed confusing to a lot of people. Phones in the past have put one at the bottom so that it’s more accessible, but LG decided to put it at the top. The location plus the fact that the LG V series is bigger than the average phone meant that it was difficult to reach when using the phone with one hand. Still, that feature was enough to win some fans over and they’ve grown to love it over the years.

However, sources close to XDA recently revealed to us that LG would be ditching this secondary display with their upcoming LG V30. It was one of the only features that made it stand out from the competition and it confused the community as to why they would decide to do this. Now, a new rumor from Android Authority corroborates what we revealed back in June and then reveals some additional details about what we should expect to see from LG later this month.

If true, LG wants to keep the functionality of a secondary display, but instead will relegate those shortcuts to a floating bar. Additional details about this bar has yet to be revealed, but it could make those shortcuts more accessible than having them at the top of the device (especially given a 2:1 aspect ratio would add vertical display length). This new rumor also says the LG V30 will have a 6″ QHD+ OLED display with rounded corners like we have with the LG G6. Lastly, LG is said to be upping their camera game too as the device is said to be the first smartphone to feature a camera with an f/1.6 aperture sensor.

Source: Android Authority

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