LG Brings the LG V30+ to T-Mobile Later This Month

LG Brings the LG V30+ to T-Mobile Later This Month

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Earlier today we learned that T-Mobile would be launching a previously-exclusive Samsung device on its network in November, and it looks like it won’t be the only one. The LG V30+ was originally only going to be made available at Sprint in the United States, but that changes this month. Today, T-Mobile has officially announced that they will be selling the LG V30+ on their own network starting November 17 with a full retail price of $850.

We first heard about the LG V30+ back in August of this year, when reports claimed LG would be launching a second variant alongside the standard LG V30. We are used to seeing this from LGl as they did something similar with the LG G6 by releasing an LG G6+ after its official launch. That second variant had only been released in specific markets though, so we didn’t know exactly what LG had plans for the LG V30+ until Sprint made an announcement.

LG officially announced the LG V30 would be launched on all major wireless carriers in the United States within two weeks of August 28th. Unlike the delayed launch of the LG G6+ though, it only took two days before Sprint confirmed they would be selling both the LG V30 as well as the LG V30+. Since we see these carrier exclusive devices quite often from other OEMs, we assumed it would end here and that Sprint would be the only carrier to officially sell the device.

Today, T-Mobile has announced they’ll be selling the LG V30+, and customers will have the option of buying the new phone for $130 down and then $30 a month over the next 24 months. The LG V30+ is almost identical to its counterpart except it comes with 128GB of internal storage instead of 64GB. With the Sprint release, the LG V30+ also came with a pair of wired LG Quad Play earbuds in the box, so we assume the same can be said about the T-Mobile version.

Source: T-Mobile