Report: LG to Undercut the Price of the Note 8 and iPhone 8 with LG V30

Report: LG to Undercut the Price of the Note 8 and iPhone 8 with LG V30

Spoilers: It's still really expensive

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LG has been struggling in the mobile market for a number of reasons these last few years. The company is hoping the release of the upcoming LG V30, as well as the manufacturing contract for the Pixel 2 XL, will help them bounce back. However, a new report says they are taking a strategic view when it comes to how much they will charge for their upcoming flagship smartphone. If true, we could see LG price the LG V30 under what Samsung and Apple will charge for their new devices.

Over the last few years, LG has tried a number of techniques to entice smartphone customers to purchase their products. The company tried a unique approach to a modular smartphone with the LG G5 but sadly that failed due to a number of reasons. After promising they were committed to the modular system, they went back to the drawing board and opted for the glass sandwich approach with the LG G6. The LG V series has also gone through a transition where it used to offer more features than the competition (microSD card slot, removable battery, rugged and durable design), but even this is changing with the upcoming LG V30.

The company’s mobile division has lost money for the last 9 consecutive quarters and has only been able to keep itself afloat thanks to profits made in other sectors (TVs, appliances, etc.). With the LG V30, it seems as if they will take on the competition by reducing the price of the device so that it becomes a device that offers similar features but more value than the competition. The report cites “sources in the telecom industry” who says the 64GB variant will be priced right under $850 while the 128GB variant will be priced right under $900.

These both seem incredibly expensive for smartphone in general, but this is a trend that we’ve been seeing in the industry for a while. Google’s Pixel phones received a lot of criticism about how much they cost and Samsung’s Note 8 is being sold (as an unlocked variant at certain retailers) for $930. Rumor says the OLED variant of the upcoming iPhone will surpass the $1,000 mark.

Source: The Korea Herald