LG V30 (US998) Bootloader Unlocking Now Available

LG V30 (US998) Bootloader Unlocking Now Available

As far as the U.S. market is concerned, LG has typically been in the middle of the pack when it came to their bootloader unlock policies. They aren’t as open as other companies like Google or OnePlus, but they also haven’t been as strict as Samsung is. LG devices purchased from T-Mobile were always easy to unlock, but then they threw us this curve-ball with the LG G6 where we could unlock the bootloader of the T-Mobile LG G6 although typical Fastboot commands didn’t work. As of late, the company has been releasing an unlocked version of their devices in the United States that got added to their official unlock page and we have just learned the LG V30 (US998) works there now.


The process of unlocking the bootloader of one of these unique LG smartphones from the United States still isn’t straight forward. Many who go out and purchase a new device want to immediately unlock the bootloader and load up some popular Android mods such as TWRP, Magisk, Xposed Framework, and others. LG released the V30’s unlocked European variant (H930) and Italy-only model (H930G) in those regions and it took about three weeks before they were added to the company’s official unlock website.

The unlocked LG V30 (US998) United States model hit store shelves toward the start of December and many were thinking the same thing would happen here as well. So right as 2017 ended there were many unlocked LG V30 owners here in the United States wondering what the holdup was. Even now, LG has not updated it’s bootloader unlock website to add the LG V30 (US998) variant to the list of supported devices.

However, XDA Junior Member gwillmer recently informed the community that even though the device isn’t listed, they were still able to get their unlock code through the website. We’re told that first you need to go to the LG unlock bootloader page here and then create your account. From there, go ahead and enter your IMEI and Device ID numbers as requested. Then, you’ll want to right-click  and inspect the drop down for Phone section (as shown the the image below) so that you can change LGUS997 to LGUS998.

With that done, complete the process and you’ll receive your unlock code in the email.

Thanks for the tip XDA Member cheeze.keyk

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