LG Introduces LG UX 6.0+for LG V30: Floating Bar, New Ambient Display Features, Graphy Camera and More!

LG Introduces LG UX 6.0+for LG V30: Floating Bar, New Ambient Display Features, Graphy Camera and More!

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LG has been a phone company with many issues and a lot to answer for in recent years, but they have continued to impress in other areas. The new LG V30 will reportedly have an F1.6 camera aperture, allowing more light into the sensor with less time being open. The V30 will also introduce the first FullVision OLED panel, and they are also removing the secondary display. LG hasn’t stopped there.

With the new UX 6.0+ update launching with the V30, LG has added many new customization features to their version of Android. They have reportedly also added optimizations for 18:9 panels and added the floating bar for the upcoming V30. The floating bar, as the name suggests, is an always on screen bar that can be dragged off of the screen or disabled entirely, containing shortcuts to frequently used apps or system toggles, not entirely unlike Samsung’s “ToolBox” and similar solutions we’ve seen on other ROMs, and through applications. This is replacing the secondary display that LG had on previous models. This floating bar may be more accessible and useful than a secondary display, but we’ll have to see how it performs in real world usage to be sure.

In UX 6.0+, LG are adding a few new tweaks, such as new ambient display options. You will be able to add more than just a clock, with new items to choose from including quick tools, a music player or a photograph. There is also a new camera app called “Graphy” which will utilize the dual camera setup on the LG V30 and act like a professional photography app. You can download photo presets for ISO, white balance etc and apply these to photos. You can also create GIFs or movies from the gallery app.

In terms of lockscreen security, LG are also making improvements with UX 6.0+. Face recognition will no longer require the phone’s power button to be enabled, and voice recognition will use the user’s voice and a few keywords to unlock the device. Voice recognition is supported by Qualcomm Aqstic, so will use very little power.

The official unveiling is set to be August 31st at IFA 2017 and we’ll be keeping an eye on the event for any big reveals. Stay tuned!

Source: LG News Room