The LG V30s will Reportedly Launch with a Bixby-Like AI Feature called LG Lens

The LG V30s will Reportedly Launch with a Bixby-Like AI Feature called LG Lens

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LG’s mobile division continues to struggle to make a profit, and it’s costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter.  Even the newly appointed CEO couldn’t turn things around, so the mobile division has decided to back away from a yearly release schedule and instead prolong the life of each smartphone it sells by releasing additional variants. Now, a report claims that LG will launch a new version of the LG V30 — the LG V30s — in South Korea next month with a Bixby-like AI feature called “LG Lens”.

ETNews, which broke the story, describes LG Lens as similar to Google Lens — LG plans to link the phone’s camera to artificial intelligence for various tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, recognizing objects in images, surfacing relevant products and their prices, translating foreign languages, offering AR guides based on GPS locations, and recognizing barcodes and QR codes. It’ll have a design identical to the original LG V30, according to the report, and 256GB of internal storage.

We’ve watched as LG has executed its new smartphone release strategy with the LG V30. The company launched an $1,800 LG V30 Signature Edition in its home country of South Korea ahead of the holiday season, and then introduced a Raspberry Rose variant of the device at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. LG is even said to be planning another upgraded V30 for Mobile World Congress 2018 instead of a follow-up to the LG G6, but the veracity of that report has come into question.

It was reported earlier this year that one upcoming, upgraded version of the LG V30 would be called the V30+‘α’ (or V30 Alpha), and that it would likely feature Google Assistant-based AI functions. Knowing that, this new report makes the LG V30s seem all the more likely. It won’t be long before we find out for sure.

Source: etnews