LG V40 may launch a month after the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

LG V40 may launch a month after the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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Since the inception of the smartphone, we have watched dozens of companies try to get their foot in the door and stake their place in the industry. The process has been an ebb and flow. Companies who were considered the best a decade ago are now struggling to make a profit. The reason for this is due to a fiercely competitive market and has continued to this very day. Companies are wanting to outdo the competition and some are doing this by providing additional camera features. So it kind of makes sense that the LG V40 is rumored to have three rear-facing cameras so they can stand apart from the crowd.

This rumor was originally reported last month. The report said that the LG V40 would have 5 different cameras and a face unlock feature (which is something else that we’ve seen popping up more and more on smartphones these days). Many people only read the headline and assumed this meant the LG V40 would have five rear-cameras and that spawned a meme of its own. In fact, the device is said to have three cameras on the back and two of them will be on the front.

Then we have the two front-facing cameras. It’s unclear if they will both be used for 3D facial recognition or just one. The report from etnews claims the dual camera setup will be used for 3D face recognition. The report also mentions that the LG V40 will be designed with more than 90% of the bezel occupying the screen in the front, but it doesn’t mention anything about a notch like we’ve seen in other leaks.

To wrap up this new report, an LG senior official of Lee Myung-bak says they are aiming to launch the upcoming LG V40 in early October. Their current plans suggest the launch date will be October 18th with its domestic launch happening even sooner on October 5th. Naturally, this is their strategy to keep their device from launching so close to the competition so that it can give LG a bit of an advantage from those who have yet to decide on a new smartphone to purchase.

Source: etnews