LG V60, LG V50S, and LG G8S bootloader unlocking support is now live

LG V60, LG V50S, and LG G8S bootloader unlocking support is now live

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LG’s bootloader unlocking policy isn’t favorable to users interesting in modding or rooting their phones. The company selectively whitelists a handful of devices in certain regions, often leaving users at the mercy of temporary exploits such as in the case of the LG V50 ThinQ. Luckily, LG is now adding official support for bootloader unlocking of three recent flagship devices such as the LG V60, LG V50S, and the LG G8S.

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As usual, bootloader unlocking is only supported on carrier-unlocked models of these devices outside of the U.S. Therefore, only the European models for LG V60 ThinQ (LMV600EA), V50S ThinQ (LMG850EMW and LMG850EMWX), and G8S ThinQ (LMG810EM, LMG810EMW, and LMG810EAW) are supported by LG’s bootloader unlocking.

If you own either of these devices and wish to unlock the bootloader, you can head over to LG’s online bootloader unlocking page and follow the steps listed here. You will be required to generate the Device ID using platform tools and enter the ID along with the phone’s IMEI on the company’s online verification tool. Once the verification is successful, you’ll receive an email containing a bootloader unlock key in .bin format that will be required in the process.

In spite of piling losses in the smartphone business, Korean consumer electronics maker LG is far from withdrawing from the making new smartphone. The number of products for the international market, however, has gone down and LG is focussing on a certain niche of users, trying to appeal them with features like dual-screen and stylus support on sleek phones. While LG’s flagships are still “so close to greatness,” the company has been late in rolling out updates. This inspires users to indulge in wanting to explore unofficial means of updating to the latest versions of Android, only to discover LG’s untoward stance towards bootloader unlocking.