The LG Velvet may support LG’s Dual Screen accessory and Active Pens

The LG Velvet may support LG’s Dual Screen accessory and Active Pens

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Rumors about LG planning to drop its flagship LG G-series lineup in favor of Snapdragon 700-series powered mid-range devices finally materialized earlier this month when the company shared sketches of its upcoming smartphone lineup. Soon thereafter, the company published a teaser video for the new LG Velvet that showed off the phone in its entirety. The teaser also confirmed that the device would feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 chipset but, other than that, the company hasn’t released any further information about the device. Now, thanks to a recent report from MySmartPrice, we’ve learned that the LG Velvet may support the company’s Dual Screen accessory.

The report cites an NRRA certification with the model number LG LM-G905N, which happens to be a “Portable screen cover”. The model number in the certification listing falls in line with the rumored model number of the LG Velvet — LG-G900N — which leads us to believe that the portable screen cover could be the dual-screen accessory for the LG Velvet. However, unlike the LG V60, LG might not ship the Dual Screen accessory with the device, and users might have to purchase it separately.

Additionally, a report from renowned Korean publication ETNews reveals that the upcoming LG device will also include active pen support. The report claims that LG has installed a Wacom Active Electrostatic (AES) driver IC on a Dual Screen accessor and the LG Velvet, which will offer active pen support on both the device and the secondary display. The feature will allegedly be compatible with all pens that make use of Wacom’s AES technology, giving users the freedom to purchase the pen of their choice. On top of that, the LG Velvet will also come equipped with a handwriting app called ‘Nebo’ that will help users convert their handwriting, various shapes, and formulas to a digital format.

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Via: MySmartPrice