LG’s Vision AI and Voice AI Feature Object Recognition, Shopping Recommendations, and Voice Commands

LG’s Vision AI and Voice AI Feature Object Recognition, Shopping Recommendations, and Voice Commands

We’ve been hearing conflicting rumors about an upcoming high-end LG V30 variant all year. The smartphone, which is believed to be called the LG V30+α or LG V30s, is said to be a pricier version of the LG V30 with improved hardware. LG has kept most of the details under wraps, but on Tuesday, it revealed a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for that’ll ship alongside the 2018 version of the LG V30 in the coming weeks.

LG says it’s been working on in-house AI features for more than a year, with the bulk of the research focusing on object detection and voice recognition. Vision AI, LG’s next-gen image recognition technology, automatically recommends the best shooting mode from eight different options (Portrait, Food, Pet, Landscape, City, Flower, Sunrise, and Sunset) depending on factors such as the angle of view, color, reflections, backlighting, and saturation levels. There’s also a new low-light mode that automatically brightens images in dim environments by measuring image brightness, resulting in brightness levels that LG claims are adjusted “much more accurately”.

Vision AI detects objects, too. LG says it collaborated with a partner (but didn’t reveal who the partner was) to analyze over 100 million images in order to develop LG Vision’s image recognition algorithms, resulting in over 1,000 image categories for “more accurate image analysis” and “better shooting mode” tips. It also fuels the tech’s shopping recommendations: Vision AI can scan QR codes, initiate an image search, or provide shopping options, which include where to purchase items for the lowest prices.

LG Voice, the other component of LG’s AI suite, allows you to run apps and change settings through voice commands. It works alongside the Google Assistant, and adds a total of 32 commands for tasks like taking a selfie, opening the camera app, and snapping a food photo.

Here’s the full list:

LG-Exclusive Google Assistant Commands

                                                                  VOICE COMMAND
                                               FEATURE                                    (PRECEDE WITH “OK GOOGLE”)
1                                     Wide-angle photo                                Take a picture on a wide angle
2                                     Wide-angle selfie                                 Take a selfie on a wide angle
3                                     Wide-angle video                               Record a video on a wide angle
4                                Wide-angle selfie video                       Take a selfie video on a wide angle
5                                          Cine Video                                        Open camera on Cine Video
6                                   Expert Photo Mode                              Open camera on a manual mode
7                                   Expert Video Mode                              Open camera on a manual video
8                                Cine Video (Romantic)                              Take a romantic Cine Video
9                             Cine Video (Melodramatic)                     Take a melodramatic Cine Video
10                                 Cine Video (Thriller)                                 Take a thriller Cine Video
11                                Cine Video (Beauty)                                   Take a beauty Cine Video
12                            Cine Video (Blockbuster)                  Take a summer blockbuster Cine Video
13                       Cine Video (Romantic Comedy)              Take a romantic comedy Cine Video
14                           Cine Video (Documentary)                        Take a documentary Cine Video
15                              Cine Video (Landscape)                              Take a scenery Cine Video
16                                  Cine Video (Drama)                                 Take a drama Cine Video
17                               Cine Video (Historic)                                Take a historical Cine Video
18                               Cine Video (Mystery)                                  Take a mystery Cine Video
19                                  Cine Video (Noir)                                         Take a noir Cine Video
20                                Cine Video (Classic)                                    Take a classic Cine Video
21                              Cine Video (Flashback)                              Take a flashback Cine Video
22                                Cine Video (Pop Art)                                   Take a pop art Cine Video
23                              Expert Mode (Graphy)                                Open camera with Graphy

NEW FOR 2018

24                                  Panoramic Photo                                                        Pending
25                                      Food Photo                                                              Pending
26                           Time-lapse Photo (Video)                                                Pending
27                                Slow-motion Video                                                      Pending
28                                  Low-light Photo                                                         Pending
29                                    AI Cam Photo                                                           Pending
30                                     Image Search                                                           Pending
31                                QR Code Scanning                                                       Pending
32                                  Shopping Search                                                        Pending

LG says that both Vision AI and Voice AI will come to existing smartphones via over-the-air updates, as long as the hardware supports it.

Just last week, a report that claimed LG would integrate AI features into the upcoming “premium” LG V30. The feature, which is reportedly called LG Lens, was described as a “Google Lens”-style image recognition tool. Tuesday’s press release makes no mention of LG Lens, but the company could be saving it for its presentation at Mobile World Congress 2018.


Source: LG Newsroom

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