LG’s Android 10 update has a Desktop Mode interface

LG’s Android 10 update has a Desktop Mode interface

Google released Android 10 back in September last year and since then, a number of manufacturers have released Android 10 based software for their devices. These include Essential, OnePlus, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and more. LG first launched an Android 10 preview for the LG G8 ThingQ and V50 ThinQ back in November last year and it rolled out a stable update for the LG G8 in December. The LG V50 ThinQ and G7 One also received the Android 10 update last month, however, there was one crucial feature missing from the changelog.

Along with all the new features introduced in Android 10, LG’s UX 9.0 also included a new desktop mode interface. This new interface works quite a lot like Samsung’s DeX mode and can be accessed by plugging your LG device to any monitor or TV using a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter. Once you plug in your device, you should get a new “screen sharing mode” notification that says “tap to switch to desktop mode.” This new desktop mode was brought to our attention by Juan Carlos Bagnell on Twitter, who showed it off on his Twitch stream (as seen below).


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The desktop mode on LG’s Android 10 update aims to give power users the option to utilize a bigger display when needed. Max Weinbach from our team was also able to trigger this new desktop mode on the Android 10 release, giving us a clearer look at the functionality it offers.

The desktop mode essentially adjusts the UI for a larger screen, with the app drawer hidden in the bottom left corner, while the notifications can be found in the bottom right corner. You also get the option to place your most frequently used apps on the home screen. The desktop mode also includes support for multi-window mode and PC peripherals.

Thanks to Juan Carlos Bagnell for allowing us to embed his content and to Max Weinbach for the images.

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