HUAWEI’s “Light up My Christmas Tree” Event – Win Amazing Prizes

HUAWEI’s “Light up My Christmas Tree” Event – Win Amazing Prizes

The festivities are in full swing over in the HUAWEI community, and they seem to be in the giving mood. Now is your chance to participate in all of the festive action and win some prizes! This event is called “Light up My Christmas Tree” and is taking place in the My HUAWEI app. To join in on the fun, make sure you have the latest version of the My HUAWEI app from the HUAWEI AppGallery.

How to Get the new My HUAWEI App

My HUAWEI app comes in the form of an update to your existing Support app. When you update the Support app, it will change into the new My HUAWEI app. There are several ways to get this new update.

  1. Auto-update: If you have enabled the “Auto-update apps” feature in your AppGallery, the Support app will be updated to My HUAWEI when the new app is available.
  2. Manual Update: Search for Support app in AppGallery, and tap “Update” to install the latest My HUAWEI.
  3. Manual Install: Search for My HUAWEI in AppGallery to download the app.

Once you have the My HUAWEI app installed, you can participate in any of the several different events that HUAWEI has going on right now. If you don’t have access to the app, or you’re using a computer, head over to the event using this link.

HUAWEI’s “Light up my Christmas Tree” Event Page

How to Play

To participate in this event, you’ll be going through the process of lighting your own tree. The gameplay is very simple.

  1. Click “Light Up” to light up one light for yourself.
  2. Click “Invite a friend to light up” to share the boost link with your friends.
  3. Let your friends click the “Light up for your friend” icon.

The more friends that light up your tree successfully, the more lights you will have. You can check the number of lights on your Christmas tree page. Each participant can light up only ONE light for oneself, and ONE light for another participant.

When you reached the requested lights, the Community medal will be distributed to your Community user center. You will be able to claim the medal there. When you reached the requested lights, you need to click the “Get your Christmas card” icon to get the card. For the coupons and the final prizes, the Community admin team will contact the winners, and send the prize redeeming code to winners.


By participating in the activity, you will have a chance to win a special Community Medal, a Christmas card, and various coupons, even grand prizes.

Looking to join more activities? Around the Christmas tree, you will see some gift boxes, by clicking them you can find more interesting content or offers. You can also explore more interesting content at the bottom of the activity page.

Have fun lighting your tree, and welcome the New Year with your friends in the HUAWEI community.

HUAWEI’s “Light up my Christmas Tree” Event Page

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