LineageOS 15.1 now available for the Honor 5X and 8 Sony Xperia devices

LineageOS 15.1 now available for the Honor 5X and 8 Sony Xperia devices

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LineageOS is the go-to custom ROM when it comes to modifying your smartphone. It’s based on AOSP and has everything you could ever want by the way of features. If you want to see all of the features you can get from LineageOS 15.1 you can, but it’s a very long list. Some highlights are custom accent colors, a lock screen music visualizer, extreme power saver mode, screen-off gestures, and more. LineageOS 15.1 is based on Android Oreo and is still making its way to smartphones even now. The Honor 5X and 8 different Sony Xperia devices are next up to receive an official build of LineageOS 15.1, and you can download and install it on your smartphone today!

The process for each of the phones above will be different to each other, so every device name is hyperlinked to their respective XDA forum. There you should find instructions on how to unlock your smartphone and install a custom ROM. It’s most impressive that these particular Sony devices now support LineageOS 15.1 officially, given that they all launched in or around 2013. The Honor 5X is a little newer but received an unofficial build of LineageOS 15.1 back in September of this year. Now those who were on that build can update to an officially supported version!

A custom ROM is a great way to breathe new life into an Android smartphone, especially ones as old as the Sony Xperia smartphones listed above. Often it is the case that a custom ROM runs better than the stock ROM on your phone can, so it’s at the very least worth giving a try. Let us know what you think down below if you give any of them a try!

Note: Huawei has stopped providing official bootloader unlock codes for its devices. Therefore, the bootloader of the Honor 5X can no longer be unlocked officially, which means that new users cannot flash MagiskTWRP, or custom ROMs.