LineageOS 15.1 Feature List Overview with Screenshots and Video

LineageOS 15.1 Feature List Overview with Screenshots and Video

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM for Android smartphones and tablets. The team behind LineageOS recently announced the latest version of the custom ROM, LineageOS 15.1, based on Android 8.1 Oreo. All of Android Oreo’s features are now available for users running LineageOS, including picture-in-picture mode, Autofill apps, notification channels/snoozing, and native support for theming. In addition, you can enjoy most of the great features that LineageOS is well known for, such as Privacy Guard, Live Display, Button/Gesture customization, and a plethora of great stock apps such as the Eleven Music Player and Snap Camera.


There’s a reason so many people love LineageOS, and it’s not just for all of the features we listed above. It’s because they take device stability seriously, and have gone as far as requiring their members to abide by a strict set of requirements outlined in the Device Support Requirements Charter. If you own a supported device and choose to flash an official build of LineageOS, you can be rest assured that your device will be running stable software that is also kept up to date against serious security vulnerabilities—perhaps well beyond the end of official manufacturer support.

If everything I’ve said sounds appealing so far, you may be interested in installing LineageOS onto your device. The only problem is that many new users don’t exactly know what they’ll be getting out of it. I just went through and gave a few reasons why it’s worth having LineageOS on your device, but some of you may be looking for the full feature list before you commit to installing this ROM on your device. Below, we’ve compiled a list of features in LineageOS as well as screenshots showing off every feature that may be available in your device’s build. At the end, we’ve also got a video running through the feature-set in case you prefer sitting back and watching TK go over LineageOS’ features.

The list below only shows features that are unique to LineageOS when compared to Google’s software as seen on the Nexus/Pixel phones. We omitted features present in the base version of Android 8.1 Oreo as the list would be unnecessarily lengthy. Furthermore, not all of the features listed below or shown in the screenshots/video may be present on your device. The features available are device-dependent, but for the most part this list should capture the available features of a given LineageOS 15.1 build.

LineageOS General Features


  • Custom charging sounds
  • Unlink ringtone and notification volumes

Buttons/Navigation Bar

  • Add left/right virtual directional keys when typing
  • Button backlight customization (brightness and timeout) for hardware buttons
  • Camera button actions: use as wake key, focus button as peek and wake key, or launch (secure) camera.
  • Custom long-press action for recent apps button
  • Hardware button customization, for example Alert Slider Customization (without use of the Xposed Framework and a module) and swap recents/back button on OnePlus phones
  • Launch torch with long-press of the power key when the screen is off. (Supports automatic timeout after 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes).
  • Long-press back button to kill app
  • Navigation bar tuner
  • Re-bind home long-press, home double-tap, recent apps press, and recent apps long-press. Actions include: do nothing, open/close menu, show recent apps switcher, show assistant, start voice search, in-app search, device sleep, launch camera, go to last app, start split screen.
  • Set volume keys to control media volume at all times
  • Swap behavior of volume keys with device orientation
  • Toggle software navigation bar, even on devices with capacitive buttons
  • Volume key cursor control when typing
  • Wake screen with hardware button press


  • Gradually increase ringtone volume during incoming calls.
  • Press home button or volume buttons to answer incoming call.


  • Ambient display (device dependent): pulse notifications when proximity sensor detects a hand wave
  • Ambient display (device dependent): pulse notifications on removal from pocket
  • Battery light settings to show battery charge status when charging, battery is low, or when fully charged. Can also customize brightness levels of the LED when in Do-Not-Disturb mode
  • Display color temperature customization for day/night scenarios. Can be scheduled.
  • Notification light settings to show LED light during notification, missed call, or voicemail. Can set per-app light settings. Choose LED pulse length and color. Can also choose to have the LEDs active even if the screen is on. Can also customize brightness levels of the LED when in Do-Not-Disturb mode.
  • Picture adjustment: control hue, saturation, intensity, and contrast on supported devices. There is also an automatic outdoor mode that increases brightness and saturation automatically under bright sunlight.
  • RGB color calibration settings
  • sRGB and DCI-P3 color management profiles (device dependent)


  • Touchscreen gestures when the screen is off. Available letters depend on hardware, but could be C/E/O/M/S/V/W/Z or ^,>,<. You can also swipe up/down/left/right with one finger, or use two fingers and swipe down. Actions include: do nothing, toggle flashlight, open camera, open browser, open dialer, view emails, view messages, play/pause music, skip to previous track, skip to next track, lower/raise media volume.


  • Extreme power saver to restrict device performance and background activities to save power. Can be enabled automatically at 5%, 15%, or 25%.
  • Performance profiles (Power Save, Efficiency, Balanced, Quick, and Performance)

Lock Screen/Security

  • Customize the size of the lockscreen pattern
  • Directly show PIN entry and skip the swype to unlock screen
  • FlipFlap is an app for devices with smart cover support; it allows you to answer, ignore, or end calls and show the time/date through the cover.
  • Privacy Guard—control app permissions such as keep awake, run in background, record audio, and much more.
  • Proximity wake (check the proximity sensor before waking the screen)
  • Scramble PIN layout
  • Secure apps behind a lockscreen
  • Toggle the dots/error visibility of the lockscreen pattern
  • Toggle root access in Developer Options

Quick Settings

  • ADB over network
  • Advanced location
  • Ambient Display
  • Caffeine (timer for screen off)
  • Heads up notifications
  • Live Display
  • NFC
  • Sync
  • USB Tethering
  • Volume panel

Status Bar

  • Clock settings: show AM/PM and/or center/right-justify.
  • Double tap to sleep
  • Pull down from the left or right side to quickly bring down Quick Settings
  • Show network traffic (upload only, download only, or upload+download). Can be automatically hidden when there is no traffic. Can be shown in kb/s, Mb/s, kB/s, or MB/s.
  • Show adaptive brightness toggle next to the brightness slider
  • Slide on status bar to control brightness
  • Status bar tuner


  • Accent colors: Default, Tomato, Cherry, Lavendar, Blueberry, Forest, Pumpkin, Banana, Cocoa.
  • “Automagic” accent color picker based on wallpaper or time of day. System-wide light and dark theme also available that can also integrate with LiveDisplay to automatically show a light theme during the day and a dark theme during the night.
  • Automatically append an app’s name to the filename of a screenshot
  • Disable lockscreen media art
  • Enable lockscreen rotation
  • Expanded Desktop
  • Lockscreen music visualizer
  • Power menu customization. Can add advanced options to the reboot menu, screenshot button (with long-press to take a partial screenshot), user switcher, and airplane mode toggle.
  • Unlock all orientations (rotate 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees)


  • Built-in weather provider settings
  • Change-log button in menu toolbar of LineageOS updater now takes you to the recent changes page
  • Download speed in notification
  • Easter egg replaced with LineageOS Mascot.
  • Group apps by category (app groups)
  • Pause/resume downloads.
  • Profiles support. Profiles can be triggered by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC. Once triggered, you can choose what happens to the following radios: Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Auto-sync data, Data connection, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, or NFC. You can also choose what happens to Alarm, Media, Ringtone, and Notification volume. Finally, you can choose what happens to the ring mode, airplane mode, lock screen mode, screen brightness, ambient display, and notification light.
  • Show package name of apps in the app details screen
  • Sort apps by their size in settings
  • Stock apps have app categories

LineageOS Apps


  • Audio profiles: Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Small Speakers, Custom
  • Reverberation
  • Bass/Virtualizer


  • Flip/shake to snooze or dismiss alarm


  • Disable anti-falsing in call answer screen to make it easier to answer calls
  • Hide sensitive phone numbers from call log history
  • Reverse look-up with YellowPages/Zaba


  • Advanced share to share a preview of the shared web page
  • LookLock: prevent other apps from reading the Browser’s content
  • Uses built in Android Webview (Chromium 64)


  • Adaptive icons for all LineageOS apps
  • Colored notification dots
  • Homescreen rotation
  • Icon pack support
  • Icon shapes: circle, super ellipse, squircle, or teardrop
  • Notification dots toggle
  • Predictive apps: favorite apps will appear at the top of the drawer
  • Swipe down to show notifications
  • Toggle icon labels
  • TrebuchetGO for Android GO devices

Eleven Music Player

  • Beautiful music player re-built from the ground up based off of the previous Apollo app
  • Replace lockscreen background with album art
  • Shake to play the next song
  • Show music visualization
  • Song lyrics for tracks with srt files


  • Minimalist audio/screen recording app.
  • Screen recorder can show a floating movable bubble to start recording. Can choose to toggle microphone during screen recording.

Snap Camera

  • Automatically enable maximum brightness
  • Codec choices for audio/video
  • Continuous shot
  • Countdown timer
  • Face detection
  • Headset shutter mode
  • High-framerate recording
  • Modes: Auto, HDR, OptiZoom, Portrait, Landscape, Burst, Candlelight, Sunset, Night, Beach, Snow, ChromeFlash, BlurBuster, Sharp photo, Tracking focus, Panorama, Pro mode, Bokeh
  • Noise reduction for video
  • QR reader mode that supports QR-encoded URLs, plain text, SMS, email addresses, contact cards, events, phone numbers, and location coordinates.
  • Red eye reduction
  • Shutter sound toggle
  • Time lapse
  • Video rotation
  • Video stabilization

Missing Features?

Currently, there appears to be one feature missing from LineageOS 15.1: Single Hand Mode.  It is a feature that lets you use your phone with one hand, and it is based off of Huawei’s Single Hand Mode feature. We were told that no one on the team has yet tackled porting it over, so we can’t give you any idea on whether or not it will make it over to LOS 15.1

Finally, some of you may be wondering where the CyanogenMod Theme Engine replacement is. There is no theme engine because there doesn’t need to be one. Android 8.0 Oreo natively supports Sony’s Overlay Manager Service, which means that LineageOS doesn’t need to do anything to support custom themes. If you want to install a custom theme, then you can follow our tutorial here.

LineageOS 15.1 Software Feature Overview [Video]

Check out TK’s video on our YouTube channel, which goes over the feature list with a bit more brevity!


Support LineageOS

If you’re a big fan of all of the work that the team behind LineageOS does, then consider donating to the project.

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