LineageOS 16 goes official for the Samsung Galaxy S4 & S4 Active

LineageOS 16 goes official for the Samsung Galaxy S4 & S4 Active

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While we’re all drooling over Samsung’s latest tech with the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+, there are people that have held onto their older flagships for quite a bit. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very, very old smartphone by now. It recently turned 6 years old, in fact: it was Samsung’s flagship for 2013, and the smartphone ecosystem in 2013 looked way different than it does today. Nonetheless, depending on who you ask, it has aged very gracefully. Some people still use this device as their daily driver well into 2019, and while it may not pack the same punch as it did 6 years ago, it’s still enough for doing most basic daily tasks. It’s right there with most entry-level Android devices nowadays. And development for it is still going strong. Now, you can get official LineageOS 16, based on Android Pie, up and running on your old, trusty Galaxy S4.

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The Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 Active, as well as all of its carrier variants (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint), are now getting a taste of stable Android Pie for their devices. You’ve been able to use Android Pie on this device for a while now thanks to unofficial custom ROMs, but this is the first official LineageOS build available for the device range, thanks to XDA Developers npjohnsonarco, and side. Furthermore, according to the developer, there are no major deal-breaking bugs, so you can jump right into this if you’re feeling like trying out Android Pie on your phone.

LineageOS 16 is now available for download at the official LineageOS download website for the international model, the Sprint/AT&T/Verizon models, as well as the unlocked Active version. You’ll also need the latest TWRP build available as well as the latest OpenGApps if you want to add Google Play and the Google suite of apps to your software.