LineageOS Changelog 20: Call Recording, Better Email App, and more!

LineageOS Changelog 20: Call Recording, Better Email App, and more!

LineageOS is arguably the most popular Android custom ROM these days. It packs a lot of great features, supports a ton of devices, and gets regular updates. The LineageOS team has just published a changelog with a bunch of the features and fixes that have been added over the last couple of months.

Major changes since July 19th

  • Email app has received several improvements including, but not limited to:
    • Support for more types of attachment
    • Per-folder notifications
    • Auto-sync for multiple IMAP folders
    • Clickable links and phone numbers in emails
  • Dialer has got a lot of new features:
    • Call recording
      • This feature is not available for all countries/devices. Remember that you are responsible for complying with any laws, regulations and rules that apply to the use of this functionality and any recordings it produces
    • Call statistics
  • Clock position can be customized (again)
  • Devices with a notch do not support putting the clock in the center, but you can still put it on the left or right
  • Updater now supports running A/B updates in the foreground, prioritizing them
  • The “System profiles” tile is back
  • Jelly can now optionally block all clear-text traffic, ensuring that all websites you visit are using a secure protocol
  • Vendor security patch level is now shown in “Device info”
  • It is now possible to customize the device hostname in developer options
  • Data usage in the quick settings panel now shows the correct amount of used data
  • .opus files are now supported in media players
  • It is now possible to compile LineageOS 15.1 using the Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • Keep in mind this is still experimental. You can find more details on the wiki
  • September security patches have been merged (15.1)
  • August security patches have been merged (15.1, 14.1)


A couple features that stand out are call recording capability and a better email app. Call recording is not something that is legal in all areas, but it’s a commonly requested feature. Now it’s built right into the dialer. The email app improvements will be very welcomed to those that try to avoid Google apps or don’t like the Gmail app.

The team also says that LineageOS 16.0 is currently in the works. The transition from 15.1 to 16.0 should be very smooth since they did so much prep work. The feedback from the 2nd annual summer survey is also being looked at right now. This is what makes LineageOS so popular. Great updates and listening to the community.

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