LineageOS Update Fixes Critical Security Bugs and Preps for Oreo

LineageOS Update Fixes Critical Security Bugs and Preps for Oreo

The newest version of popular custom ROM LineageOS is finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint. The latest update brings with it a wealth of new enhancements, including a patch for the much-publicized KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability, a quick setting tile for LiveDisplay, and a redesigned recorder app.

Many of the changes, which date all the way back to September 23, are security-related. The development team’s baked in Android’s October security patch and squashed a bug that made it possible to bypass the lockscreen, and they’ve fixed the aforementioned KRACK exploit.

Some other minor changes include the addition of Kabyle to the LineageOS translation system, a language from northern Algeria, and a new status page that detects automatically when various services are down, rather than refreshing manually.

The LineageOS team’s also implemented stricter quality control tests and says that going forward, it won’t support smartphones and tablets that fall short of its new requirements. Several have been removed already, either as a result of the maintainer reneging on support or failing to fix critical issues, including the LG G3 (Verizon), Ark Benefit A3, Wingtech Redmi 2, Moto Z Play, Lenovo Vibe K5, LG G4, HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S3 International, and the Moto X.

Official LineageOS release aren’t based on Oreo yet, but the team says it’s hard at work porting the newest version of Android to LineageOS. They’re working on Android 8.1 and are merging their work from Android 8.0, meaning the next version of LineageOS will jump to 15.1 instead of 15. And the CMSDK, a remnant from the Cyanogenmod Days, will be phased out as the team extracts features from it so that they work independently.

There’s no upgrade timeframe on Oreo yet, but the folks at LineageOS say they’ll soon have news to share on the official blog.

Here’s a full list of what’s changed in LineageOS recently:

LineageOS - Changelog 15

  • Recorder app has gotten a major redesign, it’s now better thanks to the feedback provided in the Summer Survey.
    • If you are interested in reading more about the design changes, our very own jrizzoli wrote a Medium post on the thought process
  • A LiveDisplay tile has been added
  • KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability has been fixed in both LineageOS 14.1 and 13.0
  • October security patches have been merged for both LineageOS 14.1 and 13.0
  • November security patches have been merged for LineageOS 14.1 and 13.0
  • Bypassing the lockscreen by switching to a lockscreen-less profile from quick settings has been blocked (BUGBASH-1095)
  • The updater, among other minor improvements, now supports device unifications: when a device gets build merged with another one, the user will directly receive updates without requiring the user to manually flash the new build.
  • Added support for extended length NFC (needs to be enabled per-device, if supported)
  • Two new touchscreen gesture options have been added for lowering and raising the media volume
  • Battery icon has been improved; the percentage will be shown in battery saver mode when the “show percentage” option is set. The exclamation mark in the battery has also been given more contrast so it’s easier on the eyes
  • The Calendar app now shows week start and end in the title when in week view, instead of showing the month and year
  • Gallery has received some stability improvements
  • Making emergency calls without a sim card is now possible, in regions that allow it
  • Issues with the “Install” button being greyed out when installing APKs should now be fixed (REGRESSION-1262)

If you’re interested in reading about the nitty gritty, you can check out the blog post at the source link.

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