LineageOS Changelog#10: Sensitive Numbers, Small Fixes And CVE Tracker

LineageOS Changelog#10: Sensitive Numbers, Small Fixes And CVE Tracker

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Every two weeks, the LineageOS team releases a short summary of the included changes. The biweekly review highlights the most important fixes and plans for one of the most popular custom ROMs around.

The LineageOS team has announced that some sensitive numbers will no longer be written in the call logs. This move should help the victims of various abuses and violence, for example. It also follows the EU decision to allow hotlines dealing with domestic violence or similar situations to be called with confidence. The list of sensitive numbers is available on GitHub, and everyone who wants to help by adding new numbers can submit the changes through Gerrit.

Two weeks ago the team announced that Jelly will replace Gello as a default browser. The app has been enhanced with the new desktop mode, similar to the one from Google Chrome. Rendering and incognito mode problems have also been resolved. Moreover, the Setup Wizard, AudioFX and lockscreen received small stability updates. Finally, a potential memory leak is also patched up.

Every month Google releases a set of security patches which fix a number of CVEs (security vulnerabilities). These changes often target the low-level of Android, specifically the kernel. To keep the device secure, maintainers need to add those patches to kernels. LineageOS has its own CVE tracker that shows the status of the updates, and developers are advised to patch their kernels against security vulnerabilities. The tracker does not scan the repository and developers need to mark particular CVEs patches manually.

Finally, there are some build roster changes. Google Nexus 4 is now re-added to supported devices. Additionally, these devices will receive the nightlies.

If you own one of the supported devices, you should consider giving LineageOS a try. Visit an official website or your device home forum for more information.

Source: LineageOS CVE Tracker