LineageOS Launches a Summer Survey on Apps, Infrastructure, Wallpapers and Public Relations

LineageOS Launches a Summer Survey on Apps, Infrastructure, Wallpapers and Public Relations

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It’s easy to assume that a company working on a product doesn’t care what the end user wants when there are no visible communication mediums. We see this all the time in the Android community where complaints get tossed around about how OEMs don’t listen to the community when it comes to battery size, software, etc. This is actually rarely the case and is more about the company using revenue numbers to justify their decisions. So it’s refreshing to see a team like the developers behind LineageOS putting together a community survey to receive feedback on their work.

The LineageOS team has launched what they’re calling the Summer Survey, and they’re asking the community to give their thoughts and opinions about their applications, infrastructure, wallpapers and public relations. The survey is completely anonymous, and it is just something the team put together to get a consensus about the LineageOS custom ROM. It starts off by asking if you’re using an official or unofficial build, the type of device you’re using, and then they start diving into application specifics.

They want to know your favorite LineageOS application, which ones you’d like to see improved for their upcoming version 15 update, and even focuses on what you feel about the application icons themselves. There are a couple of question about wallpaper preferences (if you prefer abstract, landscapes, etc.) and then they shift focus to the custom ROM features that many have come to enjoy (expanded desktop, privacy guard, protected apps, etc.).

Lastly, they would like to have an idea about how you perceive their public relations in regards to changelogs, their wiki, jira, subreddit and more. If you ever wanted to express your thoughts and opinions about any aspect of the LineageOS software and ecosystem, now is your time to fill out this survey. It’s 7 pages long and there are a lot of questions (specifically about the application opinions), but your help can go a long way in shaping the future of one of the most popular custom ROMs in the Android world.

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