LineageOS On the Nexus 6P

LineageOS On the Nexus 6P

In this video, TK compares a device running CM 14.1 with a device running LineageOS. You’ll be familiar with most of the features in LineageOS if you have ever used a Cyanogenmod ROM. Since this is a really early look at LineageOS, there’s only a few differences that you’ll find. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Boot Animation

This video gives us a good look at the new boot animation for LineageOS.


In the contributors section, the logo to Lineage is shown where the CM logo used to be.


This is what you will find in the updates page for Lineage.

Besides this, you’ll find that everything else is about the same between the two ROMs. Stay updated with LineageOS development in the XDA forums here.


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