LineageOS Recorder App is Getting a Redesign

LineageOS Recorder App is Getting a Redesign

Right when CyanogenMod transitioned to LineageOS, the team started working on the first application for the new era. This started off as a replacement for the old AOSP SoundRecorder application as it was still using a Gingerbread UI. However, the results of the company’s first Summer Survey showed that the community wasn’t really a fan of it. Therefore, they began working on a redesign which will be available in LineageOS 14.1 as well as LineageOS 15.0.

When the team initially designed this application, they combined the sound recorder application with the screen recorder so there were less individual applications installed out of the box. When they began looking at the results of their Summer Survey poll, they learned that it wasn’t really appreciated as much as they had hoped. The fans mostly cited the color (brown) and the high number of steps required to manage screen records as their reasons for not enjoying the user interface and the user experience.



So the team set out to redesign the application with the two goals being easy to use and a delight to use as well. The end product is a single application that is split right down the middle with the top part being dedicated to screen recording and the bottom part being dedicated to sound recording. They appreciated this simple design as it quickly conveys exactly what is done to the user without needing a tutorial or learning different parts of the application.

There’s no way to view an entire list of recordings that you’ve previously done as there are other applications (such as music or gallery) that can do that for you. The redesigned Recorder will list the latest recording at the bottom of each section, but that is about it. Along with the commits for this redesign, which can be found here, the Medium blog post linked down below goes over the coding aspect of how they pulled it off.

Source: @jrizzoli

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