Love LineageOS? Take a survey to make it better!

Love LineageOS? Take a survey to make it better!

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There are some amazing projects out there created from the vision of one single person. The bigger the project is though, the harder it can be for just one person to prioritize the development process. This is even more true when it comes to an open source community project like LineageOS. The folks behind the helm of the popular custom ROM for Android has just issued their second Summer Survey. If you’re a fan of LineageOS and want to throw your two cents into the mix when it comes to its future, then the team has a survey for you to fill out again.

It was August of last year when LineageOS issued their first Summer Survey. This was a lengthy survey that had them asking the community about their opinions on applications, infrastructure, wallpapers, and even public relations. Two months later they published the results of their Summer Survey and the participation level wasn’t as high as some would have hoped. It was confirmed that only 1.35% of the entire active user base participated in the survey, and while the results weren’t reflective of the entire LineageOS community, they were still able to get some ideas.

We’re in the month of August again and the team has just announced the Summer Survey 2 for LineageOS. Since the team values privacy and chooses to not run metrics software in the custom ROM, they use these surveys to get the thoughts and opinions of the current state of the project. It can feel like a lengthy survey to take (so don’t go into it thinking it will only take a minute or two), but the detailed information you are able to provide can help to guide the trajectory of the most popular custom ROMs available today.

LineageOS Summer Survey