Take the LineageOS survey to give your thoughts on health and wellbeing features

Take the LineageOS survey to give your thoughts on health and wellbeing features

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Our smartphones can help us maintain our fitness routine and stay in shape daily. These kinds of apps are very popular for users of both Android and iOS. Devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers integrate with them to offer the best experience. Two major players in the industry, Apple and Samsung, both make fitness hardware, while Google focuses more on software. It looks like we may soon start seeing health and wellbeing-oriented features and apps in custom ROMs, too. The LineageOS team just published a survey which questions customers about the features.

To make sure that information about your personal health is kept confidential, the survey doesn’t ask for any identifying information. The questions are purely for generating user feedback and giving the team an idea of what to work on for the next big update. You will be asked about what fitness apps you use, how often you use them, if you use any secondary device along with your primary one, and more. There are also some questions for Android app developers, like if they’re working on a health/wellbeing related product. You could share that information with the LineageOS team. They are directly asking developers what features are they expecting from an API which accesses and stores health data. It looks like Kotlin support and open-source code is being considered.

We can’t really say much about what LineageOS is planning, but it looks like they are adopting more mainstream features to attract more users. Maybe they found today’s health apps to be not up to their standards. Nevertheless, open-source and transparent health app from a community and developer-oriented team would be nice to see. You can check out the survey by navigating to the link below. Keep in mind that the survey is secure and the chance of identification is minimal. The survey will end on 1st September.

LineageOS UX survey