LineageOS Week in Review: AOSP 7.1.2 Merge, April’s Security Patches and More

LineageOS Week in Review: AOSP 7.1.2 Merge, April’s Security Patches and More

The LineageOS team has been graciously providing the community a weekly summary of all the notable changes that have occurred with the successor of the most popular custom ROM in the Android community.

The highlight of this week’s update is that LineageOS has been merged up to Android Nougat’s 7.1.2 branch as well as including April’s Security Patch. This merge includes all AOSP security patches and features that Google has integrated into the platform. Builds starting from April 14th will be including the merge.

Apart from Android 7.1.2, the LineageOS team has also fixed the issue where Extra Tiles led to an increase in battery usage. All of the April fools goodies have also been removed, though there is still no word on what their actual new mascot will be. The LineageOS website and Wiki page now also make use of HTTPS by default, for added security.

The following devices were also added to the build roster for LineageOS 14.1 automated builds:

The following device was removed from the build roster by the maintainers until some major bugs are fixed:

Other changes such as:

Along with these changes, the LineageOS team has setup a monthly LineageOS infrastructure costs wiki page to let donors know how the funding is being used. Donations can currently be made in Bitcoin, although the team is working to bring support for other means of payment as well. If you take advantage of the awesome work that the LineageOS team does (and given how many other ROMs use LOS as their base, you probably do even if you aren’t directly running LOS), then consider supporting their development work!

Source: LineageOS Blog

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