LineageOS Week In Review: Introduction of Jelly, New Devices And More

LineageOS Week In Review: Introduction of Jelly, New Devices And More

As the successor to CyanogenMod, LineageOS has quickly become the most popular Android custom ROM among our readers. The team behind the ROM has just released another change log from which we can find out what they’ve been working on in the latest builds. Let’s learn what’s new in LineageOS.

As usual, new security updates make their way into all LOS builds. The latest Android 7.1.2_r8 tag with May Security Patches have been merged to the cm-14.1 branch. All builds from May 1st onwards will include the most recent AOSP security patches.

The next noteworthy thing is Jelly. The new app with this code name will replace the outdated AOSP browser. Jelly is designed to work on low-end devices with limited resources. It relies on the system WebView, so as long as that is up to date, the users should not have to worry about poor browser security. The second browser – Gello – is not dead, and moreover it’s being re-based on a newer Chromium version (m58). We should learn more about it in the coming weeks.

LineageOS will also feature an improved location tile in Quick Settings, which will now offer different modes. An auto-brightness toggle has also been added next to the brightness slider. The last change is a fix for non-Latin characters sorting in Trebuchet launcher.

Finally, the following devices were added to the automated LineageOS 14.1 build roster:

Model – codename

The following devices were updated to Android Nougat:

Unfortunately, support for the Sony Xperia M has been dropped, as the device is no longer maintained.

Apart from the change log, the LOS team announced some changes to the infrastructure that should reduce the costs of the project. Finally, three new build slaves have been added thanks to Academic Computer Club at Umeå University in Sweden. LineageOS build should now pop up much quicker. Go to the download page and check if there’s a build waiting for you and your device!

Source: LineageOS

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