LineageOS Week in Review: New Gallery App, April Fools and More

LineageOS Week in Review: New Gallery App, April Fools and More

The LineageOS team has been graciously providing the community a weekly summary of all the notable changes that have occurred with the successor of the most popular custom ROM in the Android community.

The highlight of this week’s update is of course the hilarious April Fools prank from the developers. LineageOS “announced” its new mascot, VoLTE. “VoLTE” was planned to be “rolling out to all devices, regardless of hardware support”, a play on the incessant requests for enabling VoLTE support on many devices which often do not even have hardware to support it.

The developers also cheekily announced they would be “deprecating maintainers” in favor of an AI-powered product called Br0zip. Using the Br0zipperEngine, Br0zip would be able to generate a properly working ROM for your device from the .zip ROM or .img kernel of any device.

The references to forum culture and practices is hilarious if you get it. Just to clarify, VoLTE and Br0zip were pranks from the developer team, which they made “believable” to users by including a custom bootanimation for VoLTE squid and a just-for-fun app for Br0zip in the LineageOS ROMs.

Apart from April Fools shenanigans, though, LineageOS has otherwise had an eventful week. The ROM now comes included with a new gallery app, which supports easier navigation between timeline, albums, and videos and allows for fullscreen video playback. The LineageOS Update app has also been made more reliable, as the application will no longer corrupt or break downloads under “certain conditions.” The Screen Recording app also sports a new floating button which allows you to control when you want to begin screen recording. The Wiki for LineageOS also gets a bit of a refresh.

The following devices were also added to the build roster for LineageOS 14.1 automated builds:

The following devices were removed from the build roster as well, due to a lack of a maintainer:

Source: LineageOS Blog

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