Linux CLI Launcher Transforms Your Home Screen Into A Terminal

Linux CLI Launcher Transforms Your Home Screen Into A Terminal

The Google Play Store features many launchers of all kinds ready to make your life easier. Whether it’s Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, or Evie Launcher, there are a ton of third-party launchers out there for you to try out. At the base level, though, these launchers start out thematically quite similar although you can customize them with beautiful icon packs, themes, widgets, and more. As you might know, Android is built on the Linux kernel. Thus it has a hidden shell functionality which fans of GNU/Linux might be pleased to try. A full Linux terminal environment on an Android phone? That sure sounds interesting. But what if you could replace your stock launcher with a launcher that mimics the Linux terminal interface? Luckily, you can thanks to the Linux CLI Launcher.


Linux CLI Launcher for Android replaces your home screen with a minimalist terminal-style interface that uses commands to control basically everything. You can call, text, or manage your contacts using simple commands. Besides supporting some basic GNU/Linux commands, the application offers the ability to create handy aliases. Running your favorite games or applications is effortless.

You don’t have to be a GNU/Linux nerd to know all the commands, as the launcher provides a built-in command suggestion feature. Maneuvering the launcher is relatively easy, and with practice helps you to understand some of the more basic terminal commands should you try to run a distribution on your desktop or laptop later on.

To control the device you can use the following commands:

  • uninstall (app)
  • call (name)
  • sms (contact name) (text)
  • restart
  • free
  • calc
  • search (-p, -f, -g, -y, -u)
  • wifi
  • flash
  • rate
  • time
  • share (file)
  • mv / cp (file) (destination)

If you are looking for an interesting, fast, and completely different launcher, head over to Play Store to install it.
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