Learn More About Linux with Linux Man Pages

Learn More About Linux with Linux Man Pages

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Linux is quite a powerful and very configurable operating system. Thanks to some user-friendly desktop environments, This operating system can be used by beginners. Unlike Windows, Linux has many distributions that differ in many aspects like user commands, package managers, and so on. Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, and Gentoo are just a few of the most popular distros that should be on your list to try.

To get the most of Linux, for example to compile an AOSP build or kernel, you need to use terminal. The number of difficult commands can be overwhelming, so it’s good to have a source of knowledge. A book or the Internet can help you to answer all your questions. XDA Senior Member sylsau decided to use the Android platform as a perfect companion to the open-source OS by creating an application that browses the resources gathered on GNU / Linux Man pages on and off-line.

In addition to user commands, the application provides manuals for system calls, library functions, devices, and so on. It’s an interesting choice for the beginners as well as hardcore Linux geeks who want to refresh their memory and keep track of changes.

If you are already a Linux user or are perhaps planning to use it in the near future, head over to the Linux Man Pages application thread to give sylsau’s project a try.